$10 Dozen Oysters @ Yorkeys Knob Boat Club

I have a huge appetite for oysters, natural and kilpatrick, they’re both amazing!  Every Saturday for a limited time Driftaways Restaurant and Bar at Yorkeys Knob Boat Club are serving natural and kilpatrick South Australian oysters for just $10 a dozen from 10am.  The oysters are super tasty and yeah, ok, they aren’t enormous but who cares?  Are you listening to me?  They are $10 a dozen!  Get to Yorkey’s Knob Boat Club on a Saturday and enjoy the views and the oysters!

Yorkeys Knob Boating Club

25-29 Buckley St, Yorkeys Knob QLD 4878

Ph: (07) 4055 7711

Opening Hours: Mon – Thur 10am – midnight, Fri 9am – 2am, Sat 8am-2am, Sun 8am – midnight

Website: www.ykbc.com.au

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