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Driftaway’s On The Water, Yorkeys Knob Boat Club

I’m just a regular person that enjoys food, enjoys eating out and enjoys writing about it.  As an anonymous diner I do not, nor do I want to, get any benefits or perks from the places that I dine at.  It must also be said that all restaurants that I review do not know that I am going to be writing about them.  As a local that wants to support the cafes and restaurants of Cairns I don’t particularly want to write bad reviews but sometimes it’s deserved and the experience just can’t go untold.   A few days ago I had the unfortunate experience of having dinner at Driftaways On The Water at Yorkeys Knob Boat Club.  It was not my choice (I wanted to go to the new Indian restaurant at Harbour Lights) however my friend that chose to dine there soon regretted it also.  I have dined at Driftaway’s once before for the $10 a dozen oysters on Saturday’s and found it to be pretty good but then again how hard is it to stuff up natural oysters?  You really just have to put them on a plate with a bit of lemon and away you go.  This time however we were there on a Friday night so there were no $10 a dozen oysters to order.  We perused the dinner menu and my friend ST opted for the Salmon Pasta described as Penne Pasta with Atlantic Salmon, Capers, Spanish Onion, Cherry Tomato and Baby Spinach in a Light Cream reduction (AU$24), while I opted for the Tiger Prawn Spring Rolls as a main (AU$19).  We decided we would share a Traditional Bruchetta Bread (AU$9.50).  I’m pretty sure it’s spelt ‘Bruschetta’ with an ‘S’.  We asked for all the meals to be brought out together which they were and in good time too but the food was terrible.  The Bru(s)chetta Bread was stale and I mean REALLY stale.  They had used stale bread and tried to toast it to hide the staleness of the bread.  They didn’t toast it nearly long enough to do this.  I took it back and they brought out ‘fresh’ bread (or was it just different pieces from the same loaf toasted longer this time?)  ST thought her Salmon Pasta was horrible and asked me to taste it to see if it tasted ok.  Ok is an overstatement.  Let’s just say the Salmon Pasta wasn’t what either of us expected it to be especially for the price.  My Tiger Prawn Spring Rolls, well in my exact words ‘tasted like food poisoning’.  We ate half a spring roll each and left the rest.  I’m surprised I didn’t get an upset stomach from them.  I don’t think I need to say anymore on the matter or Driftaway’s.  The service I must admit was pretty good despite having to order your meals at the counter but the food is atrocious and no restaurant should serve food of such poor quality, ever.

Driftaway’s On The Water

Ph: (07)  4055 7711

Opening Hours: Dinner 6pm – 9pm daily


$10 Dozen Oysters @ Yorkeys Knob Boat Club

I have a huge appetite for oysters, natural and kilpatrick, they’re both amazing!  Every Saturday for a limited time Driftaways Restaurant and Bar at Yorkeys Knob Boat Club are serving natural and kilpatrick South Australian oysters for just $10 a dozen from 10am.  The oysters are super tasty and yeah, ok, they aren’t enormous but who cares?  Are you listening to me?  They are $10 a dozen!  Get to Yorkey’s Knob Boat Club on a Saturday and enjoy the views and the oysters!

Yorkeys Knob Boating Club

25-29 Buckley St, Yorkeys Knob QLD 4878

Ph: (07) 4055 7711

Opening Hours: Mon – Thur 10am – midnight, Fri 9am – 2am, Sat 8am-2am, Sun 8am – midnight