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Sushi Train @ Cairns Central

Has anyone else noticed that the plates at Sushi Train are getting smaller and smaller as the prices are getting bigger and bigger?  I mean this isn’t really something new but come on it’s getting beyond a joke now.  It hardly seems worth going there anymore…   Except for the fact that their sushi is so damn delicious (Salmon Ikura Ship come at me!).  No, but seriously Sushi Train, could you please go back to making sushi that’s actually more than half a mouthful?  Yours Sincerely, foodvixen x

Salmon Ikura Ship

Salmon Ikura Ship

$3 plates at Sushi Train, Cairns Central today

If there was ever a time to go to Sushi Train at Cairns Central and eat to your hearts content, today is the day. Salmon Ikura ship eat your heart out!


My Favourite Chai Latte @ Jamaica Blue

I like to think of myself as a bit of a Chai Latte conoisseur having tried many in my time (well over the last 6 years or so since I discovered them anyway).  From franchises like Gloria Jeans to The Coffee Club and even the little independent coffee shops, these places have nothing on the Chai Latte at Jamaica Blue.  Sick of being continuously disappointed with syrupy and spicy Chai Latte’s at other coffee shops I don’t order them anywhere but Jamaica Blue anymore.  The team at Jamaica Blue Cairns Central (particularly Mel) make the BEST Chai Latte’s I have ever tasted.  Forget the syrupy crap that some places insist on serving, powdered Chai all the way!  Yeah ok, I realise this isn’t the traditional or authentic type Chai but it’s sooooo good!  And…although I’m not lactose intolerant, I do prefer Soy with my Chai because it makes it taste a little creamier.  Get a Chai in ya!

Soy Chai Latte

Jamaica Blue Cairns Central

Cairns Central Shopping Centre

Ph: (07) 4041 0577