Breakfast @ Mama Coco, Westcourt

I have been a little slack lately with keeping my blog up to date and writing regular entries.  I admit I have had a couple of weeks off.  Not a couple of weeks off eating out, just the writing about it part.  This whole dining out thing is a tough gig.  Who am I kidding I love it!  Moving along, its not very often that MS and I get our act together early enough to get to breakfast before 11am.  Now before you judge me and think that I’m a bum and all I do is eat out and sleep in.  That’s not the case at all.  Let’s just say our jobs though entirely different are very accommodating of this lifestyle (no I’m not doing anything illegal).  Now I’m getting off track…

Last Thursday we managed to get our act together and decide on a place for breakfast before 11am.  In my last Mama Coco post I said that I wanted to try their breakfast and although I have tried it once before time got away from me and I didn’t end up writing a post about it.  This time however I am putting pen to paper, so to speak and what a great breakfast it was.  A few months ago I introduced MS to the world of Mama Coco (a cafe I discovered through a friend earlier this year) and he seems pretty taken with it too.  In fact I have noticed that Mama Coco has quite a large local gathering.  The first time I ate at Mama Coco I found myself wondering how a little cafe out of the main thoroughfare (by that I mean the city) can survive in what is tough times for Cairns but 6 months down the track I can see that this place is doing a roaring trade because of the quality food and good old fashioned service provided by Davey and his team.

The breakfast menu is reasonably priced and has a nice range of things to choose from.  The avocado on toast with coriander, lime and chilli almost had me but since I’m sticking to a low carb type arrangement (well sort of) I decided to go for the Omelette of the Day which was Ricotta Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus for AU$13.  YUM!  MS went for the closest thing to a big breakfast that he could get and chose the Dexy Special: poached eggs with all the sides (roast pumpkin, mushroom, bacon, slow roasted tomato and pesto) for AU$15.  When our food came out I think MS had food envy when he looked at my omelette.  Not to say that his didn’t look awesome but my omelette looked better and tasted delicious.  The tomatoes were sweet, the asparagus was crisp and the ricotta cheese was plentiful.  I would go as far to say that this omelette was in fact the best one I have ever had (although I have probably eaten fewer than 10 omelettes in my lifetime) .

Omelette of the Day – Ricotta Cheese, Asparagus and Roasted Tomatoes (AU$13)

MS was very happy with his brekky.  It had plenty of bacon (he LOVES bacon), the poached eggs were perfectly poached and not overcooked, the mushrooms were big and juicy and the roasted pumpkin gave it that little bit extra bang.  He did however steal a taste of my omelette but I got some pumpkin and mushroom too so it was only fair.

Dexy Special: poached eggs with all the sides (AU$15)

I continue to go to Mama Coco because the food is good and I mean consistently good.  That is hard to find in Cairns, it really is.  It does get quite busy at lunchtime and you may have to wait a little bit longer for your food but that’s a given.  Mama Coco is a great little place where you feel like everyone knows your name (sounds super soppy I know but its true).   Janelle makes great coffee and always serves you with a smile.  Davey is a fantastic cook, always smiling and damn does he work hard!  I will endeavour to drag my butt out of bed and get to Mama Coco before 11am more often!

Mama Coco:

Shop 4, 196 Mulgrave Road Westcourt QLD 4870

Ph: (07) 40521227


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  1. thanks for the review!
    unrelated question, but.. what photo app do you use for your pictures? (:

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