2-4-1 Locals Meals @ Green Ant Cantina, Bunda St

As a regular driver along Bunda St I can’t help but notice the hive of activity at the Green Ant Cantina on any given night.  The Green Ant (as it is more commonly referred) is a gathering place for backpackers and locals alike.  I first dined at the Green Ant Cantina a couple of years ago for a friends birthday and didn’t rate the place.  I found it too noisy, the food took a very long time to come out (at least 45 minutes) and when it did it wasn’t very good.  However, a few years down the track after reading a few positive Facebook status updates from friends I decided to give it another go.

Tuesday nights are 2-4-1 locals night on presentation of I.D so this seemed the perfect time for M.S and I to check it out.  The whole place was seemingly overflowing with people both out the front, inside around the bar and out the back in the beer garden, still we managed to snavel ourselves a booth outside in the beer garden after ordering our meals (a grand total of AU$26 thank you 2-4-1!).  My expectations weren’t very high I must admit and after seeing the amount of people that were at the Green Ant I thought we would be waiting a long time for our meals.  I was wrong.  We waited 15 minutes maximum and were both very surprised when the girl arrived at our table carrying our meals.

I ordered the Enchiladas, soft flour tortillas stuffed with mexi marinated chicken oven baked and topped with tasty cheese and fresh salsa served with fresh green salad and sour cream (AU$26).  I tend to find Mexican food very rich and cheesy which is why I don’t eat it very often (maybe rich and cheesy is the point?) but I didn’t find this meal too rich at all, in fact I quite enjoyed it and have been looking forward to going back ever since.

Enchiladas (AU$26)

MS ordered the Chiquita Chicken Quesadilla, grilled 12″ tortilla folded and stuffed with mexi-marinated chicken, tasty cheese, spanish onion and roasted red capsicum served with sour cream, fresh salsa and homemade guacamole on the side (AU$23).  I think his expectations weren’t very high (that may have been my partly fault) but MS really enjoyed his meal and when he finished it there was nothing left except for a couple of pieces of cheese and some salsa.  Like me I think he is also looking forward to going back again soon.

Chiquita Chicken Quesadilla (AU$23)

The 2-4-1 locals special on Tuesday night makes for a cheap, yet tasty dinner.  Having said that I probably wouldn’t dine at the Green Ant if the meals weren’t 2-4-1 because I think 26 odd dollars per meal is a little bit expensive especially considering you have to order your food at the bar and it is a backpacker hangout (aren’t those places supposed to be dirt cheap?).  Still I’m happy to pay AU$26 for two very tasty meals and although the food at the Green Ant is not your true Mexican fare it is close enough and having tried the other two Mexican restaurants in town (that will remain unnamed) I think it’s by far the best in Cairns.

Green Ant Cantina

183 Bunda St, QLD 4870

Ph: (07) 4041 5061

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 4pm till late

Website: www.greenantcantina.com

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  1. Love your blog. Look at it regularly. Haven’t eaten here but Husband and I may go on Tuesday and check it out. We like montez for mexican but we love cheese especially melted. What didn’t you like about it may I ask? I dined at Cactus J but found it really bland and boring and didn’t enjoy it at all. Was a once and never again restaurant.

    • Hi Carlyn thank you for your kind words about my blog. It’s definitely a passion of mine (both eating and writing). Like I mentioned in my post about the Green Ant I think Mexican food is very rich and cheesy and my palate just doesn’t seem agree with it. I find Montezuma’s food is VERY rich and cheesy and what you said about Cactus Jacks is spot on. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE cheese but the ‘tasty’ variety isn’t my cup of tea, I prefer the mouldy type! Give the Green Ant a go and let me know what you think. The atmosphere is certainly hit and miss depending on what mood you are in but at 2-4-1 prices you can’t really complain 🙂

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