Courtyard Cafe @ Coffee Works, Mareeba

If you are headed up the range to the Atherton Tablelands then you should think about stopping in at Coffee Works at Mareeba for a bite to eat.  Do not confuse this with Skybury Coffee, a place a little way out of Mareeba that I really don’t rate but that’s another post entirely.  I have been to Coffee Works a couple of times now and really enjoyed it.  There is a massive gift shop that MS claims is ‘full of junk’ (typical male) but I didn’t think so.  The gift shop has some really beautiful and unique things things to buy as a gift for someone, hence the name ‘Gift Shop’ and its definitely one of the better gift shops I have been to.  However, on this occasion we came for lunch, not to buy gifts except for some chocolate coated coffee beans to take with us and eat on the drive back down the range.

View from the Courtyard Cafe

Everyday the Courtyard Cafe has what they call the Flamin’ BBQ with a chef whipping up yummy Steak Sandwiches and the like for the hoards of hungry locals and tourists arriving at Coffee Works.  MS and I both had a Steak Sandwich (around the AU$14 mark) that comes with or without Blue Cheese Sauce.  Being a lover of Blue Cheese (as my saying goes ‘I could shower in that sh*t’) I opted for the Blue Cheese Sauce while MS decided against it.  For something a little bit different the Steak Sandwich comes with Smith Chips on the side.  I’m assuming the chips are meant to be added to the sandwich for that extra crunch.  It’s a nice touch and we both really enjoyed our Steak Sandwiches.

Steak Sandwich with Blue Cheese Sauce and Smith’s Chips

Coffee Works is a nice place to check out, just a little bit off the beaten track (well my beaten track  anyway).  The only problem I have with Coffee Works is the flies.  They are plentiful and really annoying when you are trying to enjoy your delicious lunch and tend to put a dampener on the whole experience.  Might I suggest a fly trap?

Coffee Works

136 Mason St, Mareeba QLD 4880

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-4pm

Ph: (07) 4092 4101


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  1. Stopped in here earlier in the week – what a great little place! Decent food and love that little giftshop, once I have unpacked all of my stuff I will definitely be heading back to pick up a few things. I did buy some lemon myrtle white chocolate, AMAZING!

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