Worst Salt and Pepper Squid EVER @ Trinity Beach Tavern

Yesterday I was unlucky enough to have the worst Salt and Pepper Squid I have ever tasted at the Trinity Beach Tavern.  The menu described it as ‘Salt and Pepper Squid with Pickled Cucumber Salad and Dipping Sauce’.  Sounds pretty damn good but it tasted like it came straight from a frozen packet, which I suspect it did.  I have eaten a lot of Salt and Pepper Squid in my time and I know my sh*t when it comes to seafood.  I would even go as far to say that my parents actually make the BEST Salt and Pepper Squid I have EVER tasted (NO KIDDING) but this was absolutely foul and even dousing it in the dipping sauce made no improvement.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture but it really didn’t warrant one, just thinking about it makes me feel sick.  I ate two pieces and left the rest.  There is NO EXCUSE for serving crappy, imported seafood!  That is my second and last disappointing meal at the Trinity Beach Tavern.  Yeah, ok, the atmosphere is good, but I ain’t coming back for a third and most likely disappointing round!

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  1. I’ve never had a decent meal here – yeah the view on the verandah is nice but it’s just crap thrown in a deep fryer. Such a shame.
    Can highly recommend Lemon Tree at Trinity Beach – their food is amazing

    ps – keep up the great reviews – I found out about you from the guys at Caffiend (love their brunch!) as I was doing a foodspotting review on my phone & the waiter told me about you….classic

    • Hi Nicole it is a real shame because this place has such potential. I won’t be going there again. Thank you for your kind comment. This blog is just something I enjoy doing in my spare time (second to eating out) and it’s nice to know that word is getting out about it, particularly from people and places that I have posted about. Thanks again 🙂

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