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Foodvixen does The Fat Duck, Bray


When I booked our lunch at The Fat Duck back in March I was sitting at my computer in my lounge room waiting for the clock to roll over to 12 noon UK time. After I missed out on the ballot for The Fat Duck when they came to Melbourne I figured I had to at least try and get into the original one in the UK. As the clock rolled over and I watched spaces fill up before my eyes I managed to snavel a 1pm lunch time booking. I thought lunch time would be the best option because it was going to be a 3 hour return trip from where we were staying in Stoke Newington to Bray, plus you’re told to allow 4 hours for your dining ‘experience’ so taking all that into account I didn’t want to be getting back home after midnight.

To make the booking I had to pay the cost of the degustation in advance via credit card (just over AUD$990 for two people) whereas the drinks and a 12.5% service charge (as if the cost of the meal wasn’t enough) would be tacked onto the bill post meal. Yes I know it’s not a cheap meal and many people will most likely scoff at the cost but food and food blogging is my life and I don’t really have any other vices that I spend my money on. I don’t drink (except maybe a couple of glasses of wine when out at dinner), I don’t gamble (other than an Oz Lotto ticket once a week) and I don’t have a shoe addiction (although I do like my Nike’s). Our meal at The Fat Duck is by far the most expensive meal we have ever had, only comparable to a degustation at Shannon Bennett’s restaurant Vue De Monde in Melbourne back in 2013.

Alright, now the housekeeping is out of the way I’ll move onto our afternoon at The Fat Duck. We caught the train from Paddington to Maidenhead Station, which is the closest train station to Bray. We arrived far too early but I’ll be damned if I was late for this important lunch. In the meantime we had coffee at Britain’s answer to Coffee Club, Costa Coffee and used their free wifi. When the time came we caught the cab a short distance (maybe 10 minutes) to the small town of Bray. The cab driver dropped us off at the given address and despite seeing signage for the Fat Duck deliveries and parking we couldn’t see a sign for the actual restaurant. That was until I spied a smartly dressed woman with a clip board standing out the front of a two story white house with heavy blinds covering the windows.


She showed us in and we stood in a small dark room with a hologram while we waited to be shown to our table by our French server Julien. Behind the door is not quite what I was expecting… A small relaxed room with timber posts and low ceilings, about 20 or so round tables decked out in white tablecloths.


There must have been about 20 servers that we counted in total, most of which delivered one thing or another to our table over the duration of our meal. Firstly we were greeted by the lovely female Sommelier who gave us a small tour through of the wine menu. There was wine by the glass, wine by the bottle and of course wine tasting menus. I had a look at the tasting menus – one for 155 pounds per person, one for 250 pounds and one for 595 pounds per person. We decided to stick with wine by the glass and chose a glass of Santorini Pure (white wine) to start for about 25 pounds a glass (and that was one of the cheapest).  Lovely wine and if I happen to find it somewhere I would definitely like to buy a bottle or two.

Now onto the 15 course degustation. I did miss photographing a couple of them, mostly because the server bought it out and told us we were to eat it straight away.   And also because I didn’t want to be a massive wanker and ask to take a pic first – though I’m sure many people do. But firstly a word of warning, if do you plan on going to The Fat Duck yourself stop reading now so you don’t ruin the surprise for yourself.  Part of the fun is not knowing what dish is about to make it’s merry little way to your table.

  1. Aerated Beetroot Macaron. – Just one tiny mouthful but so much flavour. This was one ‘dish’ we both thoroughly enjoyed. I just wish we could have eaten a few more. Perfect way to start the meal.20160830_131016

2. Paloma, Campari Soda, Pina Colada, Vodka Lime Sour – The next dish, or should I say beverage I wasn’t able to get a photo of, again because I didn’t want to interrupt the server to ask for a pic. No doubt they do get a bit sick of people pulling out their phones and for me manners comes before all else. This nitro poached cocktail had six flavours to choose from. I chose the one with Campari whilst MS chose the tequila based one. The waiter pulled out a spoon and then squeezed a creamy concoction onto it.  He then put it in a bowl of liquid nitrogen where it hardened to a meringue type texture, put it on a plate and handed it to each of us to be eaten in one mouthful. Delicious!

3. Smoked Cumin Royale with Celery Sorbet. Yeah I really have no idea what that means but that’s what the menu says. Our server said that this dish was meant to represent a Gin and Tonic, hence the reason it arrived with a small glass of gin. I am myself a gin drinker but this one was pretty smooth and what do you know I even ate the celery sorbet.


4. Hot and Cold Tea – Funnily enough this dish was exactly as the server suggested. Somehow it was hot in some parts (or luke warm) and strangely cold in others however it didn’t really taste anything like tea.


5. Truffled Egg Mousse, Jellied Tomato Consommé, Bacon and Toasted Bread Cream and Cereals – For our ‘breakfast’ we were brought a selection of miniature packaged cereals. The server told us to choose one each and open it to reveal a wooden puzzle with the first to assemble it winning a prize.


I had already been observing the people next to us working on their own puzzles so I guess I had a head start and finished mine in lightning fast time to which the server presented me with a coin to hold onto for later. The server then bought us out a small bowl containing ‘milk’ to which our cereal was to be poured into. What looked like milk in a bowl was actually Truffled Egg Mousse with Jellied Tomato Consomme, Bacon and Toasted Cream while the cereal which we gently mixed in was made of tomato cornflakes, sausage pillows and mushroom crisps. This dish was one of my absolute favourites although strangely MS didn’t really like it. He must have rocks in his head. So many flavours in that tiny little bowl, I just loved it!


6. Sound of the Sea – Next up two large shells arrived (yes real ones) each with a small iPod shuffle inside and earphones.


We were instructed to put the earphones in and not to remove them until after we had finished the dish when the server would return and tell us what we had just eaten. With sounds of the ocean and seagulls flying overhead we were presented with a glass box filled with sand, on top sat malty tapioca ‘sand’, raw kingfish, bonito with abalone, seaweeds and tidal succulents plus sea ‘foam’. The fish was unbelievably fresh. Outstanding!


7.Waldorf salad rocket with walnut, celery and apple ice (left). Urgh more celery?! Salmon/Avocado/Horseradish twister (right). I wasn’t particularly fussed by this dish but kudos for the super cool presentation. I did ask the server if we could eat the rocks to which she replied ‘I wouldn’t recommend it’.


8.  Mr Whippy Crab and Passionfruit – Basically a crab flavoured soft serve with chocolate at the bottom like a Drumstick. I wasn’t a fan of this one either. I love crab but this was a weird crab flavour.


9.  Cornish Crab, Smoked Caviar and Golden Trout Roe, Veloute of White Chocolate and Sea Vegetables – Prior to me taking the photo of this dish the server came out and poured the veloute over what appeared to be a crab on my plate. The crab then disappeared (dissolved) to reveal the smoked caviar and golden trout roe. This dish was so bloody good that even the non-seafood lover next to me loved it. White chocolate in a savoury dish you ask?  Why the hell not?!  Just divine.


10.  Mushroom, Beet and Blackberry, Scented with Fig Leaf, Meadowsweet, Melilot, Oak Moss and Black Truffle – This dish so aptly titled ‘If You Go Down to the Woods Today’ was one of the highlights for me. It tasted nothing like what I thought it was going to taste like, mind you, it does look like a plate of moss and worms so I’m not quite sure what I was expecting. Oh and the mealworms weren’t real!


11.  Toast Sandwich – What is a toast sandwich you say? Well it’s a chicken and truffle sandwich on fresh bread with a layer of toast in the middle layer. It was a revelation.


12.  Mock Turtle Soup – Two servers arrived in unison at our table, one holding a glass box. Using tongs the other server gently removed a gold ‘watch’ and placed it in each of our glass tea pots. The golden watch is actually a stock that has been set into jelly which literally disappears before your eyes leaving flecks of gold in your tea pot.  I didn’t get a photo of this one so here’s a photo of our delicious house made bread and house churned butter.  Seconds please!


13.  Three Course Dinner – As part of our ‘journey’ a three course dinner with digestif awaits…. Starter: Scallop Anna – what’s not to love about slices of scallop and truffle? I cringe to think about how much this dish would cost to order on it’s own.


Appertizer: Sweetbreads.  I actually thought that Sweetbreads were kidney when they arrived at our table (it’s pancreas) and not one to turn anything down I popped it straight in my gob.  I have to say it was the most horrible thing I have ever put in my mouth.  The fatty, bulbous texture of it still makes me feel sick.  I get that it’s a delicacy but you can keep it.


Main: Lamb Shoulder with Onion Puree, Garlic and Coffee – Easily the most tender and delicious roast I’ve had in my life.


Dessert: Botrylis Cinerea.  I had to Google this one just to find out exactly what the hell it was.  According to an article by The Daily Mail Botrylis Cinerea has 80 ingredients, 23 elements and 55 stages.  Also it’s claimed to be the hardest dessert ever attempted on Masterchef Australia.  The flavour basically comes from rotting grapes with other elements of the dish including compressed red grade dipped in nitrogen, citrus sorbet, aerated saffron, a chocolate sphere filled with pear caramel, a sugar ball filled with citrus infused yogurt and a churro stalk.  Wow who would have thought all those things were in this one dish?  It was something else that’s for sure!


Digestif : Whiskey Gums – A glass box with whiskey gums from around the world including one from our own whiskey distillery in Hobart, Lark Distillery, which was perhaps my favourite one of all.  The people next to us didn’t like theirs so we happily helped them.


14.  By this time we had in fact somehow managed to take the lead on the degustation from the people sitting next to us so it was us that ruined the surprise for them when our floating pillow arrived with two small meringue like sweets placed ever so gently on top. The pillow literally floats off the table and MS found it so intriguing that he decided to put his hand underneath to see how it worked (magnets) causing the entire thing to fall on the floor, sweets and all. Judging by the reactions of the servers nearby he wasn’t the first to do it and no doubt won’t be the last. Feeling a little red faced we luckily received two new sweets to replace the now soiled ones.  (Note: I only took a video of this and WordPress won’t let me upload it unless I pay for a premium account.  If you want to check it out it’s on my instagram: food_vixen)

15.  Second last sweet for the afternoon was the Malt, orange blossom, tonka, milk meringue, crystallised white chocolate and pistachio.


Our take home treat arrived in the form of a mechanical ‘sweetshop’.  I placed the coin that I had earned in my puzzle challenge in the slot and out popped a whole bunch of sweet treats that Julien put into a little takeaway bag for us.


Other sweets included Oxchoc – layers of nougat and caramel infused in a Wagyu Beef Consomme (different but delicious), Caramel in Edible Wrapper, Queen of Harts Jam Tart and a Mandarin Scented Aerated Chocolate.




So that’s that!  I realise this has been an epic review and if you have managed to hang on until the very end then I commend you!  So here’s my conclusion… I had read a few reviews about The Fat Duck prior to going and although I didn’t read too much, in case I spoiled the day for myself, I did read that being seated next to diners that were ‘ahead’ of you in their degustation did spoil the experience slightly because you were able to see what was coming next. The Tasmanian couple seated directly next to us were literally one course ahead of us and despite the best of intentions not to look I couldn’t really help myself especially since they were less than a metre from our table. So here’s a little tip:  If you do end up going to The Fat Duck try and make your booking at the very start of the lunch or dinner service so it’s your meals that are the ones spoiling it for everyone else.

Look, I have to admit I wasn’t completely blown away by the whole experience.  Possibly due to social media, the internet, I don’t know, but I guess I already had a fair idea of what to expect and how it was all going to pan out.  As I have said previously I’m not too big on fancy pants restaurants and would must prefer to sit on a street corner in South East Asia with a 20c mystery meat skewer in my hand and soak up the atmosphere. Despite the fact that I wasn’t overwhelmed lunch at The Fat Duck was a truly memorable experience and something I would certainly recommend to anyone should they have the opportunity.   Another thing that I think is pretty important to mention is that the staff weren’t at all pretentious like they can be at some ‘fancy’ restaurants but they were down to earth and friendly (although I did have a few smile and nod moments attempting to understand our waiters thick French accent). Would I go again?  No probably not but the service, food, atmosphere and overall experience were truly fantastic and something we will both remember for years to come!

PS:  I know some of you are curious as to what the bill ended up being after all that and if you made it this far then I’m happy to divulge. It came in at just under AU$1300.

Eating Ourselves Stupid In Melbourne – Day 2


A couple of weeks ago I was on a roll with my posts, putting up 2 in 2 weeks (a hell of a lot better than I have managed to achieve in the last 6 months) but alas it was to be short lived for my Toshiba Ultrabook had other plans and decided to shit itself for the third time in a year and a half.  Yes, I have had to replace the hard drive on three separate occasions in this time period (it’s still under warranty) and apparently it has to die one more time before they (JB Hifi’s Extended Warranty Service) will replace it.  Fml.  But how ridiculous is that?!  4 frigin times?!!!!  So I apologise but without a laptop I’m pretty much useless as my handwriting has never been the same since it died a slow and painful death in my uni lecture days.  What’s that you say?  Get a Mac?  No thanks.  I’ll be damned if I ever get a Mac.  PC for life!  Moving on.

So, finally… Day Two of our adventures in Melbourne were meticulously planned by moi.  It was MS’ 30th birthday the following day and I had a few things in store for the birthday boy.  Firstly after doing some reading on Urbanspoon for the best places to head for breakfast we headed to Manchester Press.  Initially I really wanted to go to the Hardware Societe but they were closed down over that period due to significant fire damage from the tenancy next door (they are unfortunately still closed).  Never-the-less Manchester Press was supposed to be good too.


Manchester Press is another one of those places hidden down the laneway that Melbourne is renowned for.  The only reason that you really even know there is something down there is because you see a random person holding a takeaway coffee cup emerge from what you thought was a deserted laneway.  We found it no problem thanks to an amazing thing called ‘the internet’.  Inside was a large warehouse type café bustling with early morning breakfast goers and the clinking of plates and coffee cups in the kitchen.  We sat down at a communal table – something that seems all the rage in Melbourne and something I wish was more the rage in Cairns while the waitress brought us some water and menus.

Manchester Press patrons enjoying their bagels

Manchester Press breakfast goers

As I said I had already researched Manchester Press so I knew what kind of food we were in for but MS was most disappointed when he realised that the menu was pretty much made up of bagels.  No giant sized man breakfast or pancakes with bacon, much to his dismay.  I pretended that I had no idea that that’s all they served but secretly I knew full well because I came here for the Bagel with thick sliced pastrami, sliced tomato, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing (pretty much a Reuben for all those MVF lovers out there).  Guess the cats out of the bag now, well maybe not since MS never reads my posts anyway…  Ahem.

MS who had decided on the BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato) topped with Cranberry and Chilli Plum Relish got his back up even more about only having bagels for breakfast when he  asked the waitress if he could add an egg and her response was ‘I’m sorry, no’.  Apparently you can’t make any changes to the bagels at Manchester Press.  All good.  Our coffee’s arrived and they were excellent – although I’m no coffee connoisseur.  Manchester Press is one of those cafés vying for the best coffee in Melbourne but then again I’m pretty sure every café in Melbourne has the best coffee.  The only drawback to the coffee at MP is I am pretty sure they only had take away coffee cups, no mugs.  I could be wrong though.  Not long after our coffees arrived had our bagels arrived.


My bagel was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, pastrami and swiss cheese are easily a combo made in heaven.  It was a good bagel, and an even better choice on my behalf, although it still didn’t live up to my ‘fresh bagels in Manhattan for breakfast experience’ a few years ago.  I don’t think anything other than the real thing will ever top that but this ‘Australian version’ would more than suffice in the meantime.


My bagel with thick sliced pastrami, sliced tomato, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing

MS’ BLAT had a generous serving of avocado and bacon on it and he soon forgot his hang-ups about not having a ‘man-sized’ breakfast and the lack of egg.  He later said that it was nice not being ridiculously full after breakfast for once.  Lucky for him because we still had lots of eating to do.


BLAT (no egg included)

After breakfast we headed off towards Elizabeth Street with MS having no idea where we were going.  Soon enough we miraculously ended up at a strip of motorbike shops that MS decided he wanted to go and have a look inside.  No, that was not part of my plan at all.  He soon realised that was exactly where I was taking him and he spent the rest of the morning choosing a motorbike helmet and gloves as my early birthday present to him.

Three hours later we were still in there and lucky for me there was a chair for me to sit on and Instagram my little heart away – at least for the first hour and a half anyway.  Then I started to get impatient and in the end I gave MS a time limit or I would be walking out without him (Hey!  It wasn’t his birthday yet).  Shopping with MS is extremely painful – you should see him try to choose a pair of runners at Rebel Sport!  FFS…  We finally left and headed to the next stop on our food journey – the one place that I had so eagerly awaited/anticipated/salivated ever since I read about it in The Very Very Hungry Caterpillar’s blog – Wonderbao.


It was a little hard to find but we found it tucked away at the end of an alley way.  On Urbanspoon someone said to look for the green milk crates.  Yeah well we found those and then still had no bloody idea where the hell it was.  We looked down the alley way and all we saw was some scaffolding and builders.  Then, low and behold, we saw someone scurry out of a doorway down the end with a takeaway coffee cup.  Bingo!  Inside it was like what my dreams are made of – bamboo steamers stacked high with baos!  We ordered two Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao with Pickled Mustard Coriander and Crushed Peanuts (AU$4.20 each), two Roast Pork Belly Gua Bao with Cucumber, Pickled Carrots, Daikon and Hoisin Sauce (also AU$4.20 each) and a hot homemade organic soya milk (AU$3) to wash it all down.


Wonderbao is only a very small place with a limited number of seats (about 6) and there was already about 3 people sitting down.  We politely asked some people to move along so we could sit down as well and waited patiently for our bao’s to arrive.  When they did, it was everything I had been dreaming about.  MS really had no idea what he was in for but lets just say he was more than pleasantly surprised with was placed in front him.  One of my favourite things to eat in the whole world (although I don’t eat them nearly as much as I would like) is Steamed Pork Buns but Wonderbao took it to a whole new ‘cloud-like’ level.  The photo below still makes me drool.


MS’ personal favourite was the Roast Pork Belly with Cucumber and Pickled Carrots and after polishing off both of them he complained that he ate ‘the best one first’.  I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite – they were both absolutely out-of-this-world delicious.



The bao’s were a decent serving and good value for only AU$4.20 each and to be honest I don’t think I could have eaten any more than two.  The fatty pork belly makes them extremely rich but that might just be me.  I breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that the place I had lusted/drooled after for the last two years (and that we had been searching for the last 40 minutes) was as good – if not better – than I imagined it to be.

So on we went with plans to head to Chadstone for some shopping a little later in the afternoon but before that we had to fit in some Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai Street Dumpling – another place that I had heard so much about.  The owners are originally from Shanghai and after spending some of October in Shanghai I have developed quite a penchant for these little soup filled dumplings of goodness but most of all I wanted MS to try them.  Yes, I know it sounds like we were being massive fatties but that was in fact our plan for Melbourne.  Instead of getting shitfaced for the weekend to celebrate our birthdays we were going to eat instead.  Oh golly and eating we were!  We lined up outside Shanghai Street Dumpling – the tiny restaurant was already packed to the brim.


I ordered some takeaway Xiao Long Bao (about AU$10 for 8) and we sat out the front of the MYER centre on the steps and watched a busker playing some electro beats (hey I’m no DJ but that sounds close enough).  MS thought it was one of the coolest things he had ever seen – “Why don’t people do cool shit like this in Cairns?” he asked.  Meh.  I was more interested in the dumplings.  MS thought they were good but nothing to rave about, I on the other hand was more than impressed.  They were pretty much as good as the ones I had been having in Shanghai every morning – when I say pretty much, well they weren’t ‘as good’ because we weren’t in Shanghai of course.  Food is all about the experience!

Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai Street Dumpling

Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai Street Dumpling

We made the drive out to Chadstone and realised that despite how I remembered it – the last time I went there was in 2004 – it was just another big shopping centre.  We stopped in at Coles in the elusive search for one of Heston’s Hidden Orange Christmas Puddings but alas seems Australia had pretty much sold out of them weeks ago.  WTF Coles?  Why advertise this shit when you are just going to run out anyway?  I refused to buy one off e-bay because that seems to be where they all went.  I’m coming for you Hidden Orange!  Until next Christmas!  BTW Baking Myself Happy you never gave me a rundown of your Hidden Orange experience?  Worth it?

On the way home – even though it was a little too early for dinner we figured that we had a pretty big day ahead of us the following day with it officially being MS’ 30th birthday and he was going to do a motorcycle track day all day.  We headed to a place that had been recommended to me by a friend who shared my passion for Man Vs Food and was with me when I watched all 3 seasons of it back to back in November.  Apparently Big Boy BBQ was ‘the go’ providing Melbourne’s first dedicated ‘low and slow’ cooked meat experience.  There was a couple of them in Melbourne we figured that the one in Caulfield South was the closest to where we were – Chadstone.  So off to Big Boy BBQ we headed arriving there at about 5.30 in the afternoon – before the rush so it seemed and on reflection, way too early for dinner.


Another claim to fame for Big Boy BBQ is that they aim to give you the best ribs in Melbourne.  That was a big call.  Not that I had eaten any ribs in Melbourne but I do consider myself a rib connoisseur as you may remember.  If anyone was to be a good judge, it was this little vixen.  After reading over the menu multiple times MS and I decided on the  ‘Little Boy’ for AU$49 which includes Pulled Lamb Shoulder, Saucy Beef Brisket, 1/2 rack of lamb ribs (we changed them to pork ribs) and two regular sides (we ordered crunchy chips and smoked beef chilli with brisket burnt end and beans) as well as a Pipsqueak Cider for me and a Root Beer for MS (yuck I hate sarsaparilla).


The motto of the folks at Big Boy BBQ is ‘slow food… fast’ and that’s exactly what it was.  No sooner had MS and I had sat down, had a couple of sips of our drinks and tasted the array of sauces supplied at our booth than our ‘Little Boy’ platter had arrived.  At first we just sat back and admired it in all it’s entirety – trust me it was way bigger than it looks below.


‘Little Boy’ – Pulled Lamb Shoulder, Saucy Beef Brisket, 1/2 rack of pork ribs and two regular sides (crunchy chips and smoked beef chilli with brisket burnt end and beans (AU$49 + $8.50 for the wings)

It was something that I had could only have imagined during my morning long marathons of Man Vs Food.  I was wishing that we had something like this in Cairns – actually no, maybe not.  It may result in me putting on more than a couple of kg’s.  Enough about my preconceived notions of BBB it was time to dig in.

The wings – they were bigger than expected, yummy none-the less but not really anything to write home about.  The smoked chilli beef – yeah it just tasted like ground beef to me with some beans in it.  The ribs were great but were they the best in Melbourne?  Yeah, no.  Not at all.  My favourite part was actually probably the fries – they went down a treat with the BBQ sauce on the table and I also really enjoyed the pulled lamb shoulder.

We barely got halfway through it before MS and I threw up the white flag.  Amateurs you reckon?  Not at all, I can guarantee that I could eat you under the table but not when it comes to rich fatty meat.  That kind of thing fills me right up to pussy’s bow (that’s a dad saying) before too long.  I do feel that a lot of the food – because we arrived so early in the evening was actually leftovers from the day before.  Some of the meat did have a sort of reheated texture and I think it would have tasted 10 x better if it was fresh.  Having said that the food at BBB was good enough for me to consider re-visiting the place next time MS and I are in Melbourne.  Maybe best to go about 7.30pm after the initial post work/takeaway crowd has been through.

The aftermath

The aftermath

So there you are, that’s Day 2 of our foodie adventures in Melbourne where we really did eat ourselves stupid.   After that we went back to our apartment and lay on our backs, groaning with our food baby’s for the rest of the evening.  Ah Melbourne so much food so little time..


Manchester Press
8 Rankin Lane, Melbourne VIC
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm, Sat & Sun 9am – 5pm

Melbourne City – Literature Lane (off Little Latrobe Street) – Cash only
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat 11am – 4pm, Closed on Sunday

Shanghai Street Dumpling
342 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11.30am – 8.30pm

Big Boy BBQ
764 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South, VIC
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed 12pm – 8pm, Thurs – Sat 12pm – 9pm
Shop 2, 27 – 31 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, VIC
Opening Hours: Sun – Wed 12pm – 9pm, Thurs – Sat 12pm – 10pm