What’s your all time best foodie experiences?

After over 150 posts of me talking about myself I want to hear about you!  I want to hear the all time best foodie experiences of you guys – my foodvixen readers.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive – the best meals are often the cheapest meals! For me food is all about the experience – who you dined with, where you dined or what you ate.  It doesn’t have to be overseas, it could be a memorable picnic on the Cairns Esplanade or fish and chips at Palm Cove… Whatever is it I want to hear about it!  For those of you that have followed my blog some of you might remember me recounting my top foodie experiences in previous posts but for those of you that missed it, I’ll recount one more time in the hope of unlocking some of your top foodie experiences.

1.  Peking Duck in Beijing – I travelled to China for the first time in 2006 and as part of the tour we were on my family and I ended up at a restaurant in the heart of Beijing.  I had never had Peking Duck before – the world famous dish that actually originates from Beijing and was first prepared during the Imperial era – nor did I know what it entailed.  The duck was sliced in front of our table by the chef and then the waitresses showed us how to eat it with spring onions, cucumber, sweet bean sauce all wrapped up in a little pancake.  The thin and crispy skin of the duck was out of this world and to this day I still dream about returning to Beijing to eat their amazing Peking Duck.

A Peking Duck Chef doing his thing in Beijing

A Peking Duck Chef doing his thing in Beijing

2.  Oysters in Florida – Before the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – 2004 to be exact.  My family and I did an RV tour of the USA and we stopped in at the Eastpoint Oyster House in Florida for some fresh seafood.  There is nothing my family loves more than fresh seafood – apart from my sister who only just discovered wine (yes she hasn’t quite grown up yet).  We bought 12 dozen oysters to eat between three of us – me, mum and dad.  The oysters were only US$3.99 a dozen if you shucked them yourself.  Having owned a seafood factory for many years my dad was and still is no stranger to shucking oysters.  He would also tell you he once won a prawn peeling competition against the prawning peeling ladies that worked at his factory.  What he won’t tell you is that he cheated and those ladies should have beat him hands down.  Anyway we sat out of the front of the Eastpoint Oyster House on a rickety old table overlooking the Apalachicola Bay, surrounded by mountains of discarded old oyster shells and ate dozens of Apalachicola Bay oysters straight from the shell with savoury biscuits, hot sauce and lemon.  Absolute bliss.

This is the best I could do photo wise so you're going to have to use your imagination but check out those prices!

This is the best I could do photo wise so you’re going to have to use your imagination but check out those prices!

3. Chicken Biryani in Colombo – I travelled to my mother’s birth country in 2011 where I did a three week Intrepid tour with my cousin.  The first day that we arrived in Sri Lanka we found ourselves at a rundown little restaurant on the main strip not far down from the famous Galle Face Hotel.  We had no idea what to order so we pointed to what everyone else was having which turned out to be the best Chicken Biryani of my life for all of about 200 rupees (about AU$2).  Although I was the only female in there the owner made us both feel very welcome, in fact he was beside himself with excitement at having some Australian tourists dine at his humble roadside restaurant.  It was the perfect beginning to what was an amazing 3 week adventure in Sri Lanka.

For those of you that ever travel to Colombo - no idea what it was called but that's it under the EGB sign

For those of you that ever travel to Colombo – no idea what it was called but that’s it under the EGB sign

Sometimes the best restaurants are the dodgiest ones

Sometimes the best restaurants are the dodgiest ones

The BEST Chicken Biryani of my life

The BEST Chicken Biryani of my life

I couldn't resist putting in a picture of the happy owner - he's just happy because he gets to eat that Biryani everyday

I couldn’t resist putting in a picture of the happy owner – he’s just happy because he gets to eat that Biryani everyday

4.  Stand up noodles in Osaka – Tachigui soba is a fast food that is unique to Japan and literally means ‘standing up eating’ soba noodles.  I first travelled to Japan in 2009 where my friends and I stumbled upon a tiny Tachigui soba bar in the Osaka suburb of Fukushima (no not that Fukushima).  The four of us crammed into the noodle bar on a cold and wet day and slurped our steaming hot bowls of noodles with a couple of friendly Japanese business men who found it all highly amusing.  It was my first introduction to stand-up noodles and I made sure that I returned to this very place in my most recent trip to Japan in November last year.

Who could resist steaming hot soba noodles served by this lovely lady?

Who could resist steaming hot soba noodles served by this lovely lady?

Others moments worth a mention are gobbling up cherries the size of a baby’s fist at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart, baby back ribs in a dingy bar in Nashville, a birthday picnic organised by my love MS and courtesy of Davy at Mama Coco at Lake Eacham, a 10 course degustation atop the Rialto in Melbourne at Vue De Monde also with my love, xiao long bao amongst Chinese breakfast-goers in Shanghai and fish and chips on Bondi Beach in Sydney.  I could go on forever here because I have had some truly memorable foodie moments in my travels.  As you can tell I love food and I love travel but this was only supposed to be a relatively short post.  Now it’s over to you x


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  1. Too many to mention… pretty much our whole 2 trips to the USA. The food was just fab. Special mentions to a restaurant in Little Haiti in Miami (Chez Le Bebe), Rubies BBQ in Austin, Katz Deli in NYC and the beignets at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Yum!

    • Fantastic Heidi! I am off to the States again in April with a long list of foodie places to go to especially in New York and yes Katz Deli is high on the agenda. We won’t make it to Florida, Texas or Louisiana this time unfortunately. You will have to stay tuned for some posts about all the places I go in April!

  2. Salami and provolone cheese panini from our very own Freshwater bakery, just delightful with their beautiful home made breads. The garlic breads are also fabulous.

  3. Dearest Vixen

    Our kids are all grown up and spread between Brisbane and Cairns, but they (and their kids – our beautiful grand babies) know that Sunday roast is always on at home. All they have to do is call by 3 pm to let us know how many so there are enough veges! Whether it’s roast lamb with Mum’s famous hoi sin and mustard glaze stuffed with garlic, a rack of pork with oodles of crackling and apple sauce, a slow cooked beef or humble chook, there’s nothing so yummy as sitting down to Sunday roast with family. The only fighting is over Dad’s gravy or hers!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Yeah… too many.

    Grown up memories:

    Using a screwdriver to prise chop sized oysters from rocks in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, opposite Bruny Island and eating them on the spot.

    Botswana Butchery in Queenstown NZ who served a slow cooked lamb shoulder that was To. Die. For. When we couldn’t’ eat anymore they wrapped what we hadn’t eaten in foil to take with us.

    The first time I made (and ever tasted) duck confit after reading a recipe online. Oh là là! Thus began my love affair with the culinary joy that is duck and duck fat.

    The eight course degustation menu, with matching wines, at the Mee Wah Chinese restaurant in Hobart.

    Before I reached double digits: Chinese take-away on a picnic blanket in the backyard with my parents and sister.

    And as an early teen on holidays: my first calamari – a mountain of golden crumbed rings of deliciousness, served in a cardboard milkshake cup by some, undoubtedly long gone, fish n chip shop at Surfers Paradise.

    The most recent was at ‘Depot’ in Auckland – roasted bone marrow, lamb ribs, pork hock with horseradish and apple followed by rhubarb cobbler. Washed down with carafes of the excellent red on tap and we were ready to be wheeled out.

    Food, glorious food. 🙂

    Looking forward to your U.S posts, Vixen. Just saw an Andrew Zimmern episode where he was eating soft shell crabs in Baltimore that looked like something I’d give a toe for. 😉

    Happy 2015.

    • Now THIS is what I am talking about!!! Thank you wotsit! It certainly sounds like you have had some truly memorable foodie experiences and plenty that are right up my alley. I think we would get along just grand 😉 You seem to have spent a bit of time in Tassie, I am headed there in a couple of weeks… any recommendations?

      I remember eating soft shell crab and crab cakes in Baltimore. They did try to convince us with muskrat but there was no way in hell! Yes definitely stay tuned for plenty of USA foodie adventures in April 😉 I wish you all the best for 2015 – may you have plenty more memorable foodie adventures 🙂

  5. Thanks Vixen, I hope there are more in store for me too. I love Tassie and try to get there semi-regularly.

    The Gourmet Farmers ‘A Common Ground’ at Salamanca is a must. Their pork rillettes are the best thing on sliced (toasted) bread.The Wursthaus, just around the corner is jam-packed with local and exotic ingredients. Also… when in season… truffles!

    Monty’s on Montpelier wins the best cheese menu, and their entrees and mains aren’t too shabby either. The cookbook lined shelves are drool worthy. Both Monty’s and the Mee Wah are a bit on the pricey side but totally worth it.

    Smolt is a firm favourite, both for great food, relaxed atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s next door to the Tassal salmon store in Salamanca Square.

    The floating seafood places at Coronation Dock can be a bit hit or miss but worth it when a hit.

    Forget Mures, it’s tourist trap.

    There were loads of places we wanted to try but they were closed in Winter – which is precisely when we visit. Reason…. living in the tropics.

    Let me know where you’re headed and I’ll see if I can help with suggestions.

    • This is fantastic! I will be writing these ones down. I know a visit to MONA and a couple of wineries is on the cards but I’m pretty unfamiliar with the restaurants in Hobart. We are heading down for a week on the 21st 🙂

    • Oops… Hobart, Launceston and the Coles Bay area. Not enough time to do everything I want but it’s a start 😉

  6. 1. Fresh mud crab caught, cooked and cracked by my dad from the Cairns inlet in the 1970s.
    2. The first time I tasted cassoulet in a bistro in Marseilles in 1988.
    3. Walking to the end of my driveway to pick fresh raspberries and loganberries from the bushes at the side of the road in Christina Lake, BC, Canada.
    4. Pizza Carbonara from a student cafe in the old town of Napoli in 2003 – a really unexpected top 5 meal. For a long time it held my no. 1 spot.
    5. A turkey, cranberry and salad baguette from Beethoven’s in Grafton St Cairns in 2006 when my intense hyperemesis (morning sickness on steroids) finally calmed down 16 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy. I had literally kept nothing down – not even water – for 10 weeks. Nothing like a bit of hunger to help you appreciate good food.
    6. A la carte dinner with matched wine at Daniel in NY in 2012. This has so far been not only the best food experience of my life but also the best wine and service.
    7. Tortellini with foie gras filling and pumpkin sauce from the Chalet Il Capricorno in Sauze D’Oulx Italy New Year’s Eve 2014.

    I really love food.

    • Wow you’re top foodie experiences far exceed mine! Fantastic KTie thank you so much for sharing! I’m headed to NY in a couple of months time maybe Daniel should be on my list of restaurants to visit. As for Beethoven’s… they remain some of the best damn sandwiches I have ever tasted. Such a shame they’re not there anymore 😦 Oh gosh and tortellini with foie gras filling? YES PLEASE!!

  7. … I need to add one more – can’t miss it out!
    Learning to make gyoza dumplings with my 5 year old daughter last year for her turn at being the creative chef at school (all the prep students at our school have a turn at making serginh at home and bringing it to school to share with their class at this some time during the school year). Her choice but I’m glad she picked it because we have made them several times since. Yum

  8. -BBQ Pork laksa at Laksa Hut Indooroopilly, Brisbane
    -Stuffed mussels from a street vendor in Ayvalik, Turkey (4 of us cleaned out his supply, 156 mussels! He got to finish early that day, and the next and the next 😁)
    -I pretty much loved every meal I ate in Vietnam, especially rice paper rolls and pho (except the beef bits pho, that was just weird….) oh and the iced coffee 😍
    -Harajuku Gyoza Lou in Tokyo, Japan. Cheap and delicious!
    – Ramen somewhere in Toyko! My sister in law took us to this place so I’m lost as to where it was but you ordered on what looked like a vending machine then sat at your own little cubicle thing and your ramen was delivered through a little window at the front of your cubicle – and you could order more noodles to top up during your meal!
    I also loved pretty much every meal in Japan! Maybe not breakfast as much…

    I’m sure I have many more but they spring to mind 🙂

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