Entertainment Book 2013/14


I only just realised not too long ago that my 2012 edition of the Table 52 cards had expired *sad face*.  It was a bit of a shame because I still had about 20 or so left (a few questionable ones I probably wasn’t going to use).  Although I do intend on buying the 2013 pack of Table 52 cards I just haven’t gotten around to it yet but after having a look over the Entertainment Book online and seeing what restaurants and offers were available I went ahead and bought one for $AU55.  It’s a bit of a fundraiser thing so I went down and bought mine from PCYC, which was actually the only place I knew that had them.  I have never previous editions of the Entertainment Book because I knew that over half of the discounts were for Townsville, not just Cairns, but I found that there are plenty of restaurants in Cairns featured (a few that double up with the Table 52 cards but not many).   Some of the restaurants include Tamarind, C’est Bon, Ciao Italia (it will forever be known as Donnini’s in my book), NuNu, Tandoori Oven, Villa Romana, The Coffee Club, Blue Moon Grill and On The Inlet just to name a few.  There is also heaps of other touristy type ones for things like Cable Ski and Great Adventures, which I will probably never use but will come in handy if I ever have visitors to Cairns.  Obviously I am mostly interested in the dining component of the Entertainment Book since my love of food nearly consumes me on a daily basis.

The only shitty thing about the book is that it is for Far North Queensland including Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville and the Whitsunday Islands.  It’s perfect if you have friends or rellies that live down in Brownsville (don’t know why you would want to live in that god-forsaken place) because you could split the cost and they get the Townsville ones and you get the Cairns ones.  I ended up tearing all the Townsville ones out of my Entertainment Book and giving them to my brother’s girlfriend who is studying down there.  She’s a poor uni student so I didn’t expect any money and no doubt the vouchers will come in handy for her.  My book has nearly already payed for itself saving me $35 off my first dinner (more on that one later).  Probably the best thing about the Entertainment Book is that not only does it have 2-4-1 main meal vouchers but there are also heaps that give you 25% off your total bill, which is great when you are dining in a large group.  Often with the Table 52 cards I was faced with a bit of a dilemma when trying to use it while dining with friends.  Working out who gets the discount or who had the cheapest meal can be a bit difficult to there point where it’s not really worth using it in those circumstances.  That is where a 25% off the total bill comes in handy.  The Entertainment Book 2013/14 edition is valid till the 1st of June 2014 and is available for many parts of Australia as well as New Zealand and for AU$55 it’s a pretty cheap investment if you dine out as much as I do.


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  1. Geoff Roberson

    I just heard that the Boardwalk Café has just pulled up stumps!

  2. If I knew you didn’t have this years table52 would have given you ours…we’re making the move to Sydney so no use for them now, but have already sold sorry 😦

  3. You can actually use the entertainment book all over the country if you log on and register online. We have saved thousands on accommodation, includng 40% off at Hayman Island.

  4. I have purchased this years table 52 and know there will be heaps I won t use. Will hand them over to you soon. often wondered bout Entertainment book. Now I think I will buy one. thanks foodvixon!!

    • I think it would definitely come in handy for you Judy 🙂 Maybe I can swap some Entertainment Book vouchers for some Table 52 cards. I know how much you love The Coffee Club 😉

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