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Breakfast in the Northern Beaches?

On my last morning in Cairns before I was due to fly out for work MS and I decided (upon advice from a foodvixen reader) to venture out to Lime Tree at Trinity Beach for breakfast.  Now silly me for just assuming that it would be open on a Thursday morning.  I really should have rung up and checked first before driving that far (from the city).  Anyway so we drove out there and much to our dismay Lime Tree was closed for a function.  And even more annoying across the road the Blue Moon Grill is not open for breakfast between Monday and Thursday.  We drove down the road to Fratelli’s and alas, Fratelli’s was also closed.  What is the world coming to when three out of three places are closed for breakfast?  I don’t know if the Trinity Beach Tavern serves breakfast nor do I care because I have had one too many sh*thouse meals there and I will never return.

MS and I were left wondering just where the hell to go for breakfast out at the northern beaches.  MS suggested Coolums at Holloways Beach.  Coolums has been closed for about a year now.  How he did not know that is beyond me, since he has been a resident of Holloways Beach for six years until we ‘officially’ moved in together in April.  I took a stroll into Strait On The Beach, also at Holloways Beach a couple of months ago to grab something for lunch when I was helping MS pack up all his crap (*ahem* I mean belongings) and was so unimpressed by the menu and the sheer price of it all that I promptly left and went to the takeaway shop down the road.  We didn’t want to drive north to Palm Cove purely for the fact that I had a flight to catch in a few hours and had already lost valuable time.  One of the boys at Rehab on Lake Street told us a couple of weeks ago that apparently one of his customers told him that the ‘Best Eggs Benedict’ was at a Cafe in Smithfield but I would be darned if I knew where, since he had no idea either.

Having grown up on the Southside of Cairns (Southside for life!) I am a little out of my depth when it comes to knowing my way around the Northern Beaches area.  A little disappointed with our failure to find anywhere to have breakfast out that way we ended up back in Edge Hill at the Botanical Gardens Restaurant and Cafe.  They even let us ring ahead and order a Bacon Eggs Benedict (for MS) and a Salmon Eggs Benedict (for me), without any hesitation or problems.  We arrived and only waited about two minutes and our Eggs Benedict’s were ready.  I have already said in the past and I will say it again… The Botanical Gardens Restaurant and Cafe in Edge Hill still serves the Best Eggs Benedict in Cairns.  Upon paying I asked the owner why their Eggs Bennie is just so damn good and she claims that it is because they make the sauce themselves, whereas a lot of other places don’t.  Works for me.  Now I am straying a little off my usual path with this post because I would really some opinions on just where people think the Best Eggs Benedict in Cairns really is (or if they agree with my claim on the Botanical Gardens) and where the hell can I get a good breakfast at the Northern Beaches?  And not just on the weekends.  I am intent on trying the breakfast at Lime Tree but I guess I will just have to get there another time when they’re not closed for a function.  Suggestions people… Pretty please?