No more Kin Wah in 2014?

kin wah

I wanted to draw your attention to a message I received last night on foodvixen about Kin Wah Chinese Takeaway on Florence Street in the city. The message was from the son of Ng Kin Wah (the chef at Kin Wah):

Ng Kin Wah is threatening that he may not see the end of 2014. Thanks Foodvixen for your comments about one of Cairns’ older Chinese takeaways. After reaching his 70th birthday this month, dad is finally getting used to the idea that it might be his last year (est. in the early 1970’s). Thought I better tell you in case you wanted one last Lemon Chicken – he has a habit of closing doors for prolonged periods over Summer and keeping the locals guessing as to whether he will open them again. Thanks for your blog, I’ll pass your remarks onto the chef.”

One of the very first posts I did when I started foodvixen was about my favourite Chinese takeaway in Cairns – Kin Wah.  It’s somewhere that my family has been ordering Chinese food from ever since I can remember. Kin Wah is a Cairns institution and whenever Mr Ng Kin Wah and his wife Francis do finally decide to shut up shop for the last time it will no doubt be the end of an era. I still maintain to this day that Kin Wah serves hands down the best Lemon Chicken I have ever tasted. Even better than the Lemon Chicken I had in China!

Although they haven’t closed their doors yet I just want to say a big thank you to Kin Wah for providing my family (and plenty of other Cairns locals) with decades of awesome Friday night takeaways filled with giant bags of Prawn Crackers, Fried Rice, Steamed Dimmies, Lemon Chicken and that sweet, Sweet and Sour Pork.

PS: Happy 70th Birthday to Mr Kin Wah himself!!!


Kin-Wah Chinese Take-away

Shop 9/24 Florence St, Cairns QLD 4870

Ph: (07) 4051 2102

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  1. Noooo!!!
    But how sweet of the son to contact you & at 70 yrs old i would be ready to hang up my chefs hat as well. Damn though that’s the end of a bloody good take away.
    I have heard that there is a very famous Chinese place south side that all the south siders swear by? Pearl garden or something? I’ve been meaning to try it but ….too far away haha

    • Hey there Vagabond 🙂 I know, it will be a sad day when they close up for good that’s for sure. I was super stoked to receive my message from their son though. It’s nice to be appreciated when I write something nice 🙂 I have heard plenty of people talk about Pearl Garden but I haven’t ever been there since we always go to Kin Wah. I guess that will be the next stop when they finally do call it a day. I hope you have a lovely X’mas and New Year, stay tuned for a post about my foodie adventures in Melbourne. Wow.

  2. I honestly love that guys short soup, and lemon chicken !!
    Ive been going there for years and never waited any longer than “15mins” haha they really do such a good job. Im sorry to hear he is considering closing. Cairns will be losing a food institution that I honestly don’t think will be replaced 😦 Food Vixen, I follow your blog for all the right reasons, thanks for letting me know !!

    • Hey BamBam 🙂 I haven’t tried the short soup at Kin Wah, might have to get in and give it a go before it’s too late! The Lemon Chicken is seriously one of my favourite things in life although I don’t get to eat it nearly enough as I want to. It is sad that they are considering closing up, I have many fond memories that’s for sure. Glad I was able to give you a heads up and thanks for following 🙂 Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to you!

      • Recently got yummy takeaway. Stil plenty of life left in the good old Kin Wha! A Cairns institution.

  3. The Kin Wah Chinese Takeaway is now For Sale. Contact the owner on 40512102 or 0457 594 915 if you are interested in learning how to cook the Lemon Chicken that FoodVixen loves sooooo much and to keep the meals going that has fed Cairns locals since 1978. Regards Kin Wah.

  4. Mongolian Graeme

    France’s thanks for my 33 years of lovely food. Best of luck in retirement to you both.
    Rgds Graeme.

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