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Yesterday I received a lovely comment on my Bang Espresso post from someone that has been reading my blog.  This is from John K:

Quite seriously, after reading this, I wonder how you consider yourself qualified to comment about hospitality? Cairns is a tiny place and, yes, I know who you and MS are. If you are really serious, I feel terribly sorry for you.

Now, being the type to nip things in the bud and seeing as I have been getting quite a bit more traffic due to my new affiliation with Skrilled Magazine I felt the need to address this with a short post (I am not going to make a habit out of this).  This is MY blog where I share MY experiences and opinions regarding when and where I dine out in Cairns.  I in no way claim to be an expert on hospitality or dining out, nor do I claim my words to be gospel.  I dine out a lot and for some reason I get great delight in writing about it whether it be good or bad.  Each post I write is a snapshot of what happens when I dine there on that particular day, with a little bit of personal opinion thrown in.  I am an anonymous diner that gets treated as so.  If the waitress is in a bad mood then I am going to write about it.  If the food isn’t up to my standard then I am going to write about it.  If I have a fantastic meal and can’t wait to go back then I am going to write about it.  And if someone feels terribly sorry for me then I am going to write about that too.  I’m not the first person to comment on their dining experiences through the likes of social media.  Quite seriously, some people are going to agree with my posts and some people aren’t.  If you don’t like it then don’t read it however if you feel the need to comment don’t make it personal, make it constructive.  I may not have a formal qualification to comment on hospitality but I don’t need a qualification from a dance school to tear it up on the dance floor on a Friday night now do I?  Have a great day 🙂 foodvixen x

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  1. i don’t think you need a formal qualification in hospitality to comment on either bad food or poor service!

    As a new Cairns resident, I am finding your blog invaluable in giving me suggestions for places to try. Clearly John K doesn’t like your site, luckily the magic of the internet is that you don’t have to return to sites that offend you.

    Unless I read a particularly terrible review (I probably won’t be heading to Pizza Capers anytime soon!) I will likely try places and decide for myself whether I like them (for example, went to Bobby’s Vietnamese and thought the Beef Vermicelli Salad was AMAZING!)

    • Maybe it was just the Savanna Seafood Pizza that is nasty at Pizza Capers 😉 I think a trip to Bobby’s is definitely on the cards! And thank you for your input 🙂

    • Actually, I quite like Pizza Capers (But I’ve never tried the Savanna Seafood Pizza-I’m always a little wary of seafood).

      I appreciate the reviews, any review is better than no review, and often I wish I’d come across a review for a place before finding out it was a disaster myself (which then makes me jump onto Urbanspoon to warn others!). Honesty is the most important thing and integrity. If you sugarcoated your reviews even for bad places then the review won’t be worth reading. That’s my take anyway. It’s up to the establishment to maintain a standard, and if they fail to do so and get a poor review then they have no one to blame but themselves.

      • I don’t know what I was thinking ordering a seafood pizza to be honest. I, also normally steer clear of seafood at places like that. Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor are great sites for naming and shaming bad food and service. I often look to these sites when looking for a new place to visit especially when I am out of town.

      • Urbanspoon served me well back in Melbourne, but there’s just not enough entries in the Cairns page to be reliably helpful. Maybe with time though.

      • It just hasn’t taken off here for some reason. Like you say it probably will with time.

  2. You eat out a lot and have an opinion about your experience and I enjoy reading your comments. Be very aware that John K knows your identity and look out for flying handbags!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I have a formal qualification in Hospitality Management and you know what – it means Jackshit!

    If anyone read a variety of your reviews they could see you just tell it how it is. I enjoy reading your blog as I feel you give a honest and unbiased opinion of your experiences dining out in Cairns.

    Please don’t let this one off negative comment deter you from sharing your experiences as I would be sad 😦

    • Thanks Amanda I certainly won’t be changing my tune towards how I write my posts. If anything the comment gave me the opportunity to confirm a few things. New post will be up in the next few days so don’t be sad 😛

  4. I like your blog – I’m new to Cairns and find it very informative. Anyway, isn’t the customer the best judge of hospitality?! If not, something is wrong with the business model!

  5. Perhaps this John K should be thinking about how he could make his hospitality more positive?

    I love this blog and being a ‘local’ I like to read what your thoughts are against my own, generally we are on par…

    Keep eating and sharing…

  6. Qualified to comment… John k I have a keyboard & access to the Internet I guess that makes me qualified to comment!!! What a tool… Keep up the good work foodvixen…I went to Kin Wah off your recommendation & love them!!! You can’t please everyone & no doubt John k is affiliated/friends with Bang

  7. I love your blog and I am exactly like you when I dine out, I have high standards, that aren’t that hard to reach. Don’t serve someone something u wouldn’t put in your mouth. I get so pissed off if I try a new restaurant in cairns only to find its pathetic tasteless and the staff have very poor service. The person who left this comment obviously has bad reviews on their restaurant and can’t hack that they are not up to scratch!!!

  8. sounds like you gave old mate John k feedback that he didn’t like on a restaurant/cafe that he runs or has ties with.restaurants should use this as feedback on a normal everyday outing and make changes or improvements to improve their business.Ive eaten out in Cairns for over 20 years and to read honest reviews like yours is awesome!

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