Table 52, 2012 Edition

I have to apologise to the foodvixen readers since I haven’t posted anything on my blog for almost two weeks…  No it’s not because I am slack, it’s because I have been overseas on a holiday since mid Feb.  I’m back now and on returning last week was pleasantly surprised to find out that the very popular Table 52 cards have been re-released for 2012.  According to the pack each Table 52 card entitles you to one complimentary main course when another of equal or greater value is purchased.  You can buy the 2012 Edition Table 52 cards online at for under AU$40.  With restaurants ranging from Ochre to German Tucker Wurst Haus to Grill’d there is something for everyone and a great way to try out new restaurants.  I bought a pack from a Cairns newsagent back in 2010 when they were released and even though I only used maybe half of those cards I still found them to be fantastic value and was sad to hear that they wouldn’t be releasing the cards for 2011.  However it seems the crew at Table 52 got their act together for 2012 because I bought my deck of cards online three days ago and they arrived in the mail today!  Now I just have to decide where I’m going to dine first!


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  1. I loved these cards last time, I tried restaurants I wouldn’t normally have gone to!

  2. Yes, have bought a pack myself! Can’t wait to try them out too.. I noticed there are quite a few new restaurants that we haven’t been to and would like to try!

    Foodvixen, I would love to hear about your culinary adventures overseas if you have any stories?

  3. Received my cards today! Super quick, I only ordered them 2 days ago. Any standouts that I should try first?

    • Glad you got your Table 52 cards! I’m considering buying a second pack 😀 Hmmm some stand outs hey? Well… Bel Paese (although heard a few bad reviews recently), Krokodillo’s is supposed to be very good though I haven’t been there yet (I’m sort of saving that one), Linga Longa is another that is supposed to be very good but again I haven’t made it there yet, El Mundo Tapas definitely a stand out, Ochre is great, Splash, Wink II and Zinc 🙂 The Table 52 cards they released a couple of years ago were definitely better and by better I mean more well known restaurants but these ones include some great places and some new ones to try 🙂

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