Mama Coco, Westcourt

If you are looking for somewhere nice to go for a quick, light and healthy lunch then Mama Coco on the corner of Mulgrave Rd and Aumuller St is a good place to check out.  Located next to the butcher’s Mama Coco is a cosy little cafe that my friend HH introduced me to a few months ago.  They do both breakfast and lunch and are open Monday to Saturday.

So I haven’t tried the breakfast menu yet but I will certainly get to it because if there lunches are anything to go by then theirbreakfasts should be pretty good.  Their lunch menu is made up of 10 different types of sandwiches all under $15 and you can choose from ciabatta, foccacia, white, wholemeal, multigrain or a wrap.  There is also 6 different types of salads to choose from on the menu as well as a few things to choose from in the cabinet next to the counter such as quiche or a tart and a delicious selection of cakes and muffins.


LL ordered the BLT while I ordered the Rocket and Parmasen Salad avec Pear, Parsley, Artichoke and Balsamic Reduction (I put a hold on the parsley because I find its too overpowering) and a Cappucino.  The service was friendly but the waitress forgot to bring over a glass with ice for LL’s coke that he had requested and then she took my cappucino to the wrong table even though she had only just served me a couple of minutes ago.  Oh well maybe she had a big weekend or had something on her mind?  The coffee was pretty good however and we only waited about 10 minutes for our food to come out.  LL reckons that his BLT was really good and he was happy that they weren’t stingy on the bacon.  My other friend HH reckons their Steak Sandwich is a winner also.  My salad was delicious and the ingredients went really well together especially the shaved parmesan and the thin slices of pear.  YUM!  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

Rocket and Parmasen Salad (AU$12)

When we were finished the waitress cleared our plates and replaced them with a litte dish with two little Apricot and Almond mini muffins for us to try.  They were freshly baked that day and sooooo yummy!

Apricot and Almond Mini Muffins (AU$1.50)

Mama Coco, it’s great, check it out.

Mama Coco:

Shop 4, 196 Mulgrave Road Westcourt QLD 4870

Ph: (07) 40521227


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  1. Hey FV, LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog. It is absolutely fantastic. So informative and the descriptions are mouth watering. I’m going to try out Mama Coco for lunch today. Will let you know how I go. Q

    • Thanks Q 🙂 Glad u like it. It does take up a lot of my time, well the eating part anyway but it’s something I definitely enjoy. Thanks for the comments you made my day x

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