Ocha Cha, Cairns

Last night I went to dinner at one of my old favourites in the city… Japanese restaurant Ocha Cha in Palm Court on Lake St.  This place has been here for at least 10 years because I used to go to it with my family every Friday night.  I took my friend LL who had never been before and didn’t even know that it existed.  Since Blue Sky Brewery moved in down below it, Ocha Cha is quite tucked away and only those in the know would even know that its up there.  As usual the girl at the counter (seems to change every few months) knows very little or no English at all but you can still get by with a bit of pointing and the good old ‘smile and nod’.  It was actually quite empty for a Tuesday night since I regularly find it packed to the brim during the week with Japanese as well as locals.

I do have to say it is one of the most authentic Japanese places in town offering Bento Boxes and Noodles at very reasonable prices and if you have a local’s discount card like I do then they are even more reasonable.  I went with my old favourite Chicken Teriyaki because it really is very good here while LL went for the Deep Fried Pork Fillet.  With both of the dishes you get tofu, miso, rice and your main but I always get the Vinaigrette Seaweed on the side because its just so damn tasty!  And you can’t beat the Barley Tea there also served in those little blue plastic cups and then you can take a seat on the elevated floor area around the tables and wait for your Bento Box to arrive.  Don’t forget your second bowl of rice is free too!  I can never help myself with that second bowl…

It’s all delicious right down to the yummy shredded cabbage that has the really nice dressing on it that comes with most dishes at Ocha Cha.  I have never had a disappointing meal from this place, the only problem is that meals tend to come out intermittently and not all together sometimes.  However, another great meal at my old trusty restaurant Ocha Cha and my mate LL was pleasantly surprised but like I said to him after dinner… “Have I ever steered you wrong with food?”
Ocha Cha
34 Lake St, Cairns QLD 4870
Ph: (07) 40 517055

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